Page header banner. The Trio of Agony logo on the left, with both the red triangle, the purple drop, and the blue moon parts coloured in. Text: Trio of agony. The interplay between pain, mental health, and sleep quality of Norwegian orchestra musicians. A research project by Irem Eliassen. Visualisations by STUDIO ANTZÉE.

This website is a collaboration between Irem Eliassen and STUDIO ANTZÉE. We hope it will contribute to a wider understanding of how musicians' pain and injuries influence their work and life.


Physiotherapist Irem Eliassen recently finished her Performing Arts Medicine Masters degree at University College London. She is the founder of Scenekunstklinikken — a clinic for Performing Arts Medicine — in Bergen, Norway. Scenekunstklinikken works among others with Bergen Symphony Orchestra.


This website and visualisations were designed and built by Trud Fagerheim Antzée, data designer at STUDIO ANTZÉE. Trud is a classically trained pianist who worked many years as a piano teacher and freelance musician before doing a career pivot into programming and data design. She specialises in creative data visualisation and data storytelling.

Both Irem and Trud have been active Argentine social tango dancers for many years. Irem also is a tango instructor + was a UK Tango Championship finalist, and Trud does tango event DJing + authors TANGO NOTES, a website about traditional Argentine tango music.

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